More About the Verizon iPhone

By Alex Nichol

Tue, January 11th, 2011

Today Verizon made a special announcement, stating that the Verizon iPhone will be available starting February 3, 2011 for preorders. This means that all of the Verizon users out there will get an opportunity to experience the hi-end gadget that has been sweeping the nation since its release in 2007.

As we know the previous iPhone was locked to AT&T (or any GSM network if jailbroken). This choice was made partially for compatibility. Since GSM is standard for a cellular network to use, it is available from cellphone providers worldwide. That means that you could take your iPhone anywhere in the world and it would still work on the local cellphone provider. That was fine to everyone at first, but after a while the iPhone glamor has worn off, and it was really a good time for the Verizon iPhone to be released.

The Verizon iPhone is quite like the current one, except for differences in the antenna. It also allows for wifi hotspot creation, giving you a MiFi (but with more features!) It is not yet clear if AT&T will be allowing the use of this technology on their network.