The Mac App Store

By Alex Nichol

Thu, January 06th, 2011

Today apple released the Mac App Store to the public. This can be downloaded by installing the latest Mac OS X update from Software Update. Once installed, the App Store is added to your dock, from which you can download and install many apps.

Mac App Store in Software Update

I tried it out and downloaded a few apps. I noticed that certain apps that used to be free (before the app store) now cost quite a bit of money on the app store. This is frustrating because I have come to realize that the new App Store emphasizes the Store too much. Everything that was free for mac can now cost money, and money that is easy to pay. I truly hope that the release of the Mac App Store does not ruin the market of freeware, because that is where I usually get my apps!

The main screen of the mac app store

Since I run a youtube channel on the latest mac news, I made a short video of me using the app store. I will upload that video later today, at which point I will update this article.