Desktop Google Docs on iPad

By Alex Nichol

Fri, December 10th, 2010

A long rumor has finally come true. Google has released the full, web, desktop version of Google Docs for the iPad. A few weeks ago Google released a "Mobile" web version of google docs, but it lacked many important features needed for editing documents online. The new iPad version works exactly like the desktop version, but I assume has some sort of advantage (aka iPad optimizations for multi-touch and compatibility).

Personally I think that Google should start working on a Google Docs app. They already have one out, but all you can do is view files, which is only half of Google Docs. Since the iPad is not a mobile device, Google has noted that it should be able to run the full version of Google Docs. It has been said by many testers that the functionality of the current web version for iPad is not perfect, and still has many bugs to be worked out.